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JAVA Coffee established JAVA University for the purpose of getting to the heart of understanding coffee and teaching what we believe in. Only by believing can people go on to create. 

Since we first started JAVA (before mobile internet and wifi were widely available!) we were always focused on every stage of the journey of the bean, beginning from the plantation to the roasting room and to the cup. There are so many factors that play to a good coffee, in fact the body of knowledge has grown to such a level it we concluded we needed to establish a coffee university. We have seen it done in many cities elsewhere so JAVA University is now one of many doing its part to raise coffee awareness.
JAVA University has a lesson to be learned for everyone interested in coffee whether you be a beginner, an intermediate or a professional working in the most demanding foodie establishments. To ensure standards are kept at a high level we also offer our clients cafe audits, secret shopper and espresso police with the power to arrest and protect customers from more harm. These activities lend to the continuance of testing and developing knowledge garnered during training.

For more details, please contact: [email protected] or by phone +48 22 299 62 42 ... or check out our training link.
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