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Improve the coffee experience in your OFFICE, great coffee is guaranteed to help create a welcoming atmosphere of professionalism and hospitality.
Having JAVA's fresh roasted coffee delivered to your office and made the correct way means that your staff don’t have to exit the building for a good cup.
PLUS your visitors will immediately get the right impression of a company that appreciates quality.

Surveys show that employees really appreciate the availability of high quality coffee in the work place. Surveys show that a company providing
great coffee can expect greater productivity. Surveys show that 85% of employees and visitors prefer a fresh bean to cup or filter coffee to an instant coffee.

You can start a JAVA "set it and forget it" coffee subscription today for a 3,6 or 12 month period. Two flavour profiles are available:
Day Break - a blend of coffees from Brazil and India or Afternoon Wake Up - a blend of coffees from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala.
Both recommended for espresso or Melitta Coffee Machine. Aromatic and balanced perfectly with the milk.

We can combine this offer with a very attractively priced Melitta Aroma Excellent automatic coffee brewer. Coffee are packed in 1kg. On request, we can grind the coffee according to the device used for the brewing.  START today and see the difference it will make.


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Subscription delivery starts one week after payment. The subscription price includes the cost of transportation. Your order can be delivered by courier or post and the decision is yours.

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