Coffee CHINA Aqi Badu

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Sensory profile: blueberry - sponge cake - tangerine


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Sensory profile: blueberry - sponge cake - tangerine

Country: China

Region: Yunnan

Manufacturer: Yunnan Coffee Traders

Farm: Banka

Varieties: Catimor (P3/P4)

Processing: natural

Altitude: 1,350 meters above sea level

Unusual coffees in our offer are continued. Before you - China vol. 2!

The beginning of the coffee history of China dates back to the end of the 19th century, it was "implanted" in Yunnan by French missionaries, but its production on a larger scale did not start until a good 100 years from that moment. The commercialization and export of coffee was initiated there by, among others, Nestle and other brands of this type, as part of the UN government program and the World Bank Group. Relatively recently, Chinese farmers began to develop their knowledge and skills in order to produce coffee of ever better quality. Yunnan province, due to the extremely fertile and fertile soils that occur within it, is responsible for over 97% of the country's coffee production. The Banka farm and its watermill were founded by Mr. Hu, who was one of the first coffee producers in Yunnan, and thanks to the cooperation with Nestle, he was able to hire a whole range of employees and focus on the development of the farm. In 2018, the farm was acquired by Yunnan Coffee Traders and since then its development has started at full speed. New methods of coffee processing began to be implemented and new varieties were bred. The beans of this coffee have undergone natural processing. Initially, they were passed through water channels through an optical sorter to eliminate defective specimens, and then fermented for two days in cherries. After that time, they took on even more of their unique character drying in the rays of the Asian sun on raised screens. Due to the type of process to which they have been subjected, they are characterized by an extremely high sweetness. The infusion prepared from them is a high body, highly condensed flavor and a pleasant "biscuit" softness on the tongue. Add to this the characteristic sweetness of sponge cake, blueberries exploding with summer flavor and juicy tangerine and enjoy the irresistible coffee! An unusual proposition for a cool autumn, with each sip you can even feel the warm rays of the sun.

weight 250g