Coffee Kenya Kabare Konyu

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ensory profile: blackcurrant - pomegranate - rhubarb


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ensory profile: blackcurrant - pomegranate - rhubarb

country: Kenya location:Kirinyaga District Producer: Kabare Farmer's Cooperative Society farm: Konyu variety: SL 28, Ruiru 11 and SL 34 treatment: washed altitude: 1700 - 1800 m above sea level

Kabare Farmer's Cooperative Society has about 800 farmers in Kirinyaga District, on the southern slope of the western side
of Mt. Kenya. The very name of the Kirinyaga district comes from the language of the Kikuyu ethnic group inhabiting those areas,
it literally means "God's resting place". Many local houses, located on the slopes of the mountain, have entrances facing the peak,
which is considered a sacred place. The Konyu Farm takes its name from the Konyu Stream, which supplies water used in coffee production.
The farm is in a beautiful setting, surrounded by the snowy slopes of Mount Kenya and the mwea rice fields that have been developed there
to reduce the effects of soil erosion in the area. Coffee fruits ripening on the Konyu farm are lucky to get the best of
not only the crystal clear water, but also the extremely fertile and mineral-rich volcanic soils. After initial dressing, the beans are sent to the Kabare Farmer's Cooperative Society's mill for further wet processing,
before being dried on raised African beds for an even process.
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