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BACANHA - Smakowity elegancki akcent... Odkryj całą gamę smaków!
Make up to 45 servings of your favourite drink from one carton!

BACANHA - Sweetly sophisticated accent!

SUKI Tea pot

Najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach: zł 200.00
The perfect loose leaf tea pot
Olive Green Stump Teapot, complete with subtle branding on each side.
Get the most from your tea with our stylish, stackable stump teapot. With a removable tea infuser you can control your brewing time and the
extra-fine mesh prevents even the smallest tea leaves escaping.
Capacity: 18oz/530ml.
Materials:Lead-free, High-fired Ceramic, Stainless steel.
Care Instruction: Dishwasher-safe. Do not use in microwave or oven. Do not put teapot on flame or heating element.
Let boiling water settle about 15-20 seconds before pouring. Use caution when handling hot water. Use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stain as needed. 

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