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Tanzania PB Mwankumbi

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Coffee Tanzania PB Mwankumbi

Tasting notes: PEACH - ASSAM - MELON
Country: Tanzania
Location: Ihombe, Mbeya
Farm: Lunji Estates
Producer: AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society)
Variaty:  SL 28, Catimor, Costa Rica
Process: washed
Altitude (MASL): 1 700 - 1 900
Tanzania is a country dominated by the export of tea, but specialty coffees from that region cannot be unacknowledged.
Lunji Estates is the family farm of the Meier family. They have been producing coffee from the specialty segment for several years, when Paul Maier, living in Germany, began to significantly expand his knowledge in this area.
Despite many adversities related to, among others, a shortage in Tanzania, lack of workers and livelihoods, and having to do most of the work by himself, Paul Meier succeeded and now produces exceptional quality coffee. He also plans to set up their own washing station and to purchase the machines necessary to achieve production independence.

Coffee processed by the washed method will have a moderate body, pleasant acidity and an extremely clean taste of Assam tea with noticeable fruit notes.

Suggested brewing methods:

  • manual & automatic espresso machines
  • mokapot
  • French press
  • cezve/ibrik

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Kseniya Biaspalava

Tanzania PB Mwankumbi

Coffees are being roasted on an ongoing basis. You will recieve up to 7 days roasted coffee beans! 

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