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Genmaicha Green 'Popcorn' tea

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Green 'Popcorn' Tea
Genmaicha is the Japanese name for green tea mixed with brown rice. The tea is a blend of Organic Bancha and Organic roasted Rice. The rice gives the tea its distinct flavour.
Today there are 2 styles of Genmaicha, one of them allows some of the rice to pop during roasting, while the one we have makes sure that the rice doesn’t pop at all.
The legend of Genmaicha and how it became a popular choice of green tea today comes from a tea shop owner in Japan. In order not to waste the traditional Japanese rice cakes (called Kagami Mochi), that were made for the annual ceremony, the Tea shop owner baked them and decided to add to leaf tea! It also gave a good nutritional effect and was sometimes the only food the poorest people in the country who had it because sometimes they couldn't afford a meal. So traditionally it was a peasant drink, not celebrated by the masses, but today we all like a cup or two...
Genmaicha is a light green tea - Rice is added to Bancha tea and under the heat of firing it pops - giving a delicious, savoury, buttery popcorn flavour!
The tea called Popcorn because when toasted, tiny grains of rice fall into what looks and tastes like mini popcorn, delicious buttery popcorn flavor!
Popular in Japan. Gen-Mai-Cha 玄米茶 = Brown rice tea.
Sencha green tea (50%), organic roasted rice (50%).
Use freshly boiled but not boiling water (70-80ºC). Infuse one tea measure per pot (or 1 x t-spoon per mug) and leave for 2-4 minutes. 
Store in a dry cool place. Once opened, store in a sealed airtight container and consume within 3 months.

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