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Java Coffee Roaster is run by a team of people obsessed and dedicated to coffee.

Learn a bit more about us below:

CEO Nick Fitzwilliams

Nick is the co-founder of Java Coffee Roaster.  

Wojciech Piotr Kopacz

Operation Manager ‭ JAVA Coffee Roasters

Rafal, Polish Roaster Champion 2018 Head Roaster

Nick Fitzwilliams, JAVA Coffee CEO (Great Britain)

Many good things happen by chance. I applied for a job in RPA and on my first day my new boss, by chance, changed his mind and sent me to Poland. After arriving in Warsaw, myself and two other Americans opened a cafe in Warsaw in 2000 because, unlike now, there were no good cafes serving good coffee. The days were long starting at 6AM making sandwiches as well as roasting coffee. By chance, we discovered a huge passion for roasting coffee and could see a great future for delicious fresh roasted premium coffee, roasted locally, and satisfying the discerning taste buds of the growing number of coffee lovers in Poland. By chance, whilst working in JAVA, I met an intelligent pretty girl who agreed to marry me and start a family with me.

So now, as you can imagine, my two passions are my rearing a family with my wife in Poland and serving delicious fresh roasted coffee to coffee lovers all over Poland. I am very lucky to be supported by a fantastic team of coffee passionista's in JAVA.

In my spare time I go for long walks and throw a ChuckIt! ball for Messy, our Jack Russell ..... who never brings it back !!!!!!!!


Polish Coffee Roasting Champion 2018

Rafal has a wealth of coffee knowledge. Coffee has no secrets for him. The second vice-champion of the Polish Brewers Cup 2012, the Polish Coffee Roasting Champion 2018 and in the same year the winner of the 8th place in the World Roasting Championship.

At JAVA Coffee, he manages what happens directly in the smoking room. He listens carefully and observes our customers and chooses the coffee they like best to drink.

He is the standard keeper on the quality of the roasted beans and the standards of work in the roasting room and, what is extremely important, a good atmosphere. In his free time, he listens to crime podcasts.

He always provides good advice. If there is a need, it will easily bring order, but also give it a call at the right moment. 


Wojtek drives the commercialisation of delicious coffees roasted by JAVA on the Polish market. He supports his talented team and our business partners on a daily basis. Creates a strategy and solves problems. Wojtek places emphasis on building long-term partner relationships. Critical thinking, KPIs, benchmark, big picture, healthy competition, coffee and fun. Besides, he has been working for a long time on how to extend the day.

Privately - curious about the world. He feels best with close friends, on trips with his dog and with friends on the football pitch.

mob: +48 536 849 281

LUKASZ STEPNIAK, Head Trainer of JAVA University

Lukasz has been immersed in Specialty coffee for many years. On a daily basis, as a member of the JAVA Coffee Roasters staff, Lukasz conducts training courses for employees of the cafes we work with, and for individuals who want to deepen their coffee knowledge. He also organizes coffee events for our partners.

His favorite coffee is Burundian coffee.

JAVA University

mob: +48 530 030 60


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