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SUKI Tea Gift Box

Najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach: zł 299.00
The Suki Tea set was created for lovers of good tea as well as for those who are just starting their tea adventure!
In the set you will find:
1. 1x100g Belfast Brew Tea - full of flavor and aromas. Winner six years in a row at the Irish Food Exhibition.
INGREDIENTS: Indian Assam Fairtrade tea (90%), Fairtrade tea from Tanzania (10%).
BREWING: Use freshly boiled water. 2.5 g of tea per jug of SUKI TEA (200 ml of water) and leave for 3-5 minutes.

Store in a dry cool place. Once opened, store in a sealed airtight container and consume within 3 months.

2. 1x80g Spiced Citrus Tea (BESTSELLER!)
Black tea with the addition of dried oranges, apples, coriander, cloves, cardamom and red pepper. Intense with a spicy aftertaste. The aroma is reminiscent of mulled wine spices.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea (44%), citrus slices (6%), apple pieces (23%), coriander, cloves (2%), cardamom, Brazilian pepper (2%), flavourings.
BREWING: Use freshly boiled water. 1 scoop of tea per jug of SUKI TEA (or 1 teaspoon per cup) and leave for 1-5 minutes.
After opening, store in a tightly closed container and consume within 3 months.
3. Tea pot in red (if stocks run out, you can choose a different color) - Simple in form, solid and stylish tea pot for loose leaf teas*. Made of high-quality porcelain in several color variants. It is equipped with a metal stainless steel strainer, thanks to which you can quickly and easily remove tea leaves after brewing.
INCLUDED: Metal strainer for loose tea made of stainless steel

CAPACITY: 500ml.
4. Bamboo tray for Suki Tea.
A perfect complement to the SUKI TEA jug. Made of bamboo, it turns afternoon tea into a tea ceremony.
5. Suki Tea Scoop.
The perfect scoop for loose teas.
Capacity about 4g.
Delicious and warming gift!

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