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Coffee Ethiopia Daye Bensa

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Country: Ethiopia
Location: Sidama, Bensa, Mirado Village
Manufacturer: Daye Bensa
Farm: Mirado
Variety: 74158
Treatment: washed
Altitude: 1800 - 2100 m above sea level.
In March, thanks to the brothers Asef and Mulugeta Dukamo, we are moving to Ethiopia. In 2006, they founded Daye Bensa, which cultivates and exports Ethiopian coffee. They export green bean both from their own plantation and from others located in the surrounding villages. Daye Bensa brings together 15 washing stations under its wings.

Every year, Asef and Mulugeta organize a Farmer's Day, where farmers celebrate the end of their last harvest and are rewarded for their hard work with an extra pay check. In addition, among the farm owners in each village, a reward i given to the farmer who achieved the best yield and curated the highest quality coffee. The owners of Daye Bensa place great emphasis on the continuous development of their company. They also actively work to incentivise women to participate in Ethiopia's coffee sector and provide support for students in their coffee studies.

The beans have been subjected to wet processing, thanks to which they are characterized by purity of taste and a delicate fruity acidity. Coffee has a high body, most notable in the espresso roast.

Red apple and orange peel, noticeable in the sensory profile, give the coffee an incredibly pleasant, complex sweetness. The taste of grapefruit in the infusion revives these sweet notes and gives the coffee a freshness, and the notes of black tea make the whole composition perfectly balanced. The taste of our ETHIOPIA Daye Bensa is so rich that it stays on the palate for a long time.
  • Alternative brewing methods (V60, Kalita Wave Dripper, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press)
  • Espresso (coffee maker, French Press).

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