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NICARAGUA Yellow Limoncillo Coffee [Limited Festival Edition]

Najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach: zł 70.00
Limited quantity: 50 packets of 200g.
NICARAGUA Yellow Limoncillo is a delicious, highly limited edition bean that we have sourced and roasted especially for this festival loved by all coffee lovers.
Our exceptional Nicaragua is full of concentrated sweetness and lots of fruitiness! The cup is full-bodied - as much as possible, it's natural. Interestingly, with this type of processing, the acidity in the coffee is quite noticeable. It tastes like summer - sunny raspberry, pleasantly tart and juicy grapefruit and crisp lime. And what it smells like! Vertigo guaranteed. The sweetness of dried cranberries lingers on the tongue for a while.
And where does this coffee come from? Well, from a farm with the charming name of Limoncillo. It is a very interesting place. The farm was built on land where lemons used to be grown (mystery of the lemon name solved!). Initially, only Typica was grown there, but the changing climate forced the owners to adapt their crops to the new conditions, so they began to incorporate more and more Arabica varieties into their cultivation. The farm is self-sufficient in renewable energy through the use of a water turbine system. There is a clinic and school on the farm. Children whose parents work at Limoncillo are also cared for and fed. Great emphasis is placed on the good treatment of workers and discrimination is not tolerated in any area.
Please let us know in a comment or private message if you'd like your coffee delivered already ground! :)

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