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Rwanda Sake Сoffee

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Rwanda Sake coffee
Country:  Rwanda
Location:  Ngoma District, Eastern Province
Producer:  Sake Farm
Farm: smallholder producers
Variety:  Bourbon
Treatment: washed
Altitude:  1 450 - 2 000 m above sea level.
Sake Farm is managed by women, and located in the Ngoma district of Rwanda's eastern province, which is famous for banana plantations. It is situated on the shores of Sake Lake. Since 1999, it has been led by Marie Laetitia Kayitesire, who gradually develops the farm - today it has over 30 hectares and has its own mill. Marie is keen to attract more women to work in the coffee sector at all levels of the production chain.

From the very beginning, Sake Farm has been working with Twuzuzanye associations with the aim of bringing together women and young people to improve living conditions, employment opportunities and self-development. Also Berwa Mubyeyi association, also a promoter of women working in the coffee sector.

Coffee processed in the Sake washing station is a collection of harvests from 2,200 small coffee farms (with a total of about 74,300 coffee trees) in the Ngoma district in the east of the country. The coffee fruit is collected in the Sake mill and transported using many modes : car, bicycle and even - in the traditional way - in baskets on the heads of porters.

RWANDA Sake is a coffee with a strong fruitiness and a clean, crisp taste. The washed process to which the beans have been subjected to makes for a cup characterized by a light body. The brew brings to the fore the acidity of cherries and juicy melon, which are complemented by the expressive aroma of orange peel and the sweetness of apricot. Fruit vertigo guaranteed.

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