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Coffee Winter Espresso

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Guatemala Q'antxabin.
Country:  Guatemala
Location:  Petatan
Producer:  Pascual Lopez Domingo
Farm:  Q'antxabina
Variety:  Caturra, Bourbon
Treatment:  washed
Altitude:  1,800 - 1,850 m above sea level.
The name Q'antxabina comes from the local indigenous language Popti spoken by Mayans inhabiting and southern Mexico. It is the name given to the Guachipelin tree found in that region, characterized by an extremely hard and durable honey-coloured wood used in construction. It is often the case that these Guachipelin trees are planted to shade the coffee on small farms in Huehuetenango.

Pascual Lopez Domingo, prior to starting the Q'antxabina farm, he was a manual labourer working in exile, on the cultivation of high quality coffee. The location offers few opportunities for development and education, so Pascual may a decision to strive for the best possible living conditions by focusing on curating the best quality coffee.

Our WINTER Espresso beans are a blend of Caturra and Bourbon varieties, washed and dried in the sun. The espresso extracted from these beans is characterized by a clean, distinctive taste - as is often the case with washed coffees. Distinct notes of dark chocolate and a characteristic malt flavor are balanced by the buttery sweetness of caramel and juicy tangerine. Both espresso and milk coffee prepared with this espresso bean will captivate you with their unique taste and will leave you with a warm delicious taste in your mouth to power you through this long cold winter.

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