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Kenya Kiringa Coffee

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Kenya Kiringa Coffee

Like all Kenyan coffees, our Kiringa has a clean, fruity flavour and a subtle sweetness. Thanks to the washed process, which is the dominant one in this country, a cup of infusion will be characterised by a light body and a clear acidity. There are notes of red gooseberry and juicy orange, 'sweetened' with a hint of molasses.

Chemex? Drip on ice? Aeropress? Whatever the method, KENYA Kiringa tastes great.
Country: Kenya
Location: Kirinyaga County, Mount Kenya
Producer: Njowa Coffee Factory
Farm: smallholder producers
Variaty:  SL 28, SL 34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Process: washed
Altitude (MASL): 1.725
Farm and processing information:
Coffee arriving at Njowa Coffee Factory is divided into three groups according to its origin - the boundaries being the Karinga, Nyamindi and Kamweti rivers. This is unusual for Kenyan coffee, as usually one particular washing station collects, blends and processes all the coffee it receives into one product, which is then sold under the name of that particular station.
In addition to its work in the coffee sector, Long Miles is involved in several initiatives to restore the forest system in Kenya. This is important for the development of the coffee sector as the trees provide shade for the coffee farms, ensure the mineral balance of the soil and 'harvest' carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Suggested brewing methods:


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