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TRAVEL Tumbler 350ml (silver)

Najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach: zł 135.99
In a crowded city, on a trail filled with nature, at a busy office… In any scene, being in your skin and having your own style lets you feel relaxed and grounded. TRAVEL TUMBLER is designed for people who lead a conscious and flexible lifestyle—for those who appreciate the subtle flavors of single origin coffee and tea, or like to drink mineral water at the temperature that is just right for your body. Pour your passion and new found values into the TRAVEL TUMBLER and bring them along wherever you go.
TRAVEL TUMBLER is designed to give you a comfortable drinking experience like drinking out of a glass or mug. The cap is simple without excess details and lets you drink pleasantly from any angle. A special structure catches ice cubes, and drinks come out in perfect amount. While hydrating can often be cumbersome when you are out walking, riding a bicycle, or driving a car, TRAVEL TUMBLER allows you to drink stress-free until the very last sip.
Vacuum insulated TRAVEL TUMBLER has great heat and cold retention. As the opening of the tumbler is wide, it is easy to drink from and put in ice cubes. Made of high quality stainless steel, rich aroma and flavor of the drink can be preserved. The smooth electro-polished interior of the tumbler prevents odors and stains, letting you maintain it clean and fresh. The colored tumblers have a powder coat finish on the surface which prevents scratches. With a compact form and a leak-proof lid, it is ideal for carrying around and for placing in the drink holder of your car or bicycle.
capacity: 350ml
height: 16,5 cm
colour: silver

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