Assam Tea

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Single origin from the flatlands of Borengajuli in the Assam region of India. Shade grown & handpicked. Tasting Notes: Malty, bright, full bodied.


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This Loose Leaf Assam Tea is made from 100% Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance Certified Indian Assam Black Tea from the flatlands of Borengajuli garden in Assam, located south east of the Himalayas. These plants are shade grown with skinny trees that track the sun and provide shade all day long. This is a very malty, almost spicy flavoured black tea. This tea makes up 90% of our signature drink Belfast Brew and 40% of our Irish Breakfast Tea.

INGREDIENTS: Black Tea from Assam, India.

HOW WE LIKE IT: Brew 1 teaspoon (2.5g) per 200ml water. Or 1 Suki scoop per stump teapot. Infuse in freshly boiled water (98°C) for 2-5 minutes.

weight 100g | 500g