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Master Brewer on-line


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Master Brewer on-line



 - What is coffee?

 - What is the difference between arabica and robusta

 - Coffee processing methods

 - What does the term "Specialty Coffee" mean?

 - Key influences on taste and quality of coffee

 - Why freshness of the bean is important and storage requirements

 - Basic concept of alternative brewing methods : pour over,  immersion etc. 


- Brewing techniques using immersion and gravity methods

- Pouring techniques. How does it affect coffee extraction? 

- Cupping, how to prepare at home

- Additionally, homework assignments to check skills and apply knowledge everyday. 


When you order a training you will get 3x100g of coffees on which you will work during the training and instructional videos. The program is available in both Polish and English languages. 

Introduction via SKYPE, Zoom, Google Meets

Duration: 3h

Please contact:

Łukasz Stępniak

Head Trainer JAVA University

+48 530030605 

 [email protected] 

*price is the cost of training one person

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