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Who of you remembers our previous logo? Admit! Recently, we have become very sentimental and we have an amazing item for you that will always have our special place in the heart. We have been with you for almost 21 years, we have undergone many changes, but most of all it led us to continuous development - for you! Coffee is our passion and it will never change. A few years ago we introduced our branded JAVA DRIPPERS!

They were with us for a long time until we changed the logo to a new one. They were waiting for a good time to remember them! Why are we doing this? We have been with you for so long that it is a pity to keep such a souvenir only for yourself. Therefore, they have been called OLDSCHOOL JAVA DRIPPER. The cog, which is located in the middle, means continuous work that we do for the love of coffee, and the wings - symbolize the continuous journey in discovering the secrets of coffee from all over the world. So nothing has really changed with us

Capacity: 220-400 ml, water flows through the grooves inside the filter. Melitta filters are perfect for it. Diameter up to 4 cm, height 9 cm. Hurry up, because when they're over, they'll never be again!


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