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Coffee Burundi Heza

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Country: Burundi
Location: Gitwe Hill, Matongo Commune, Kayanza Province
Producer: Heza
Farm: smallholder producers
Variety: bourbon
Treatment: washed
Altitude:  1960 m above sea level
In Kirundi, which is the official language of Burundi, "heza" means "beautiful place". The amazing panorama seen from the slopes of Gitwe hill, where the farm is located, and the dynamically changing African sky perfectly reflect this name. Burundi has always struggled with the problem of water shortage. Often drinking water in this country is also contaminated, leading to the spread of many bacterial diseases. The water used by the Heza mill comes from a nearby natural spring, so the operation of the mill is largely dependent on its current.
Freshly harvested coffee to be wet processed is transported to Heza by local producers and then passed through a water sorter to eliminate floaters (defective beans). All unripe cherries are then manually selected from the rest of the fruit. After sorting the coffee, the beans are subjected to double fermentation - first dry, still in the parchment (surrounding the grain "skin"), and then a 24-hour wet fermentation is carried out. Fermentation is followed by "treading" the beans to remove the remaining pulp. It takes the form of fun - farm workers run and dance among the grains spread on the ground. After that, the coffee is finally washed and divided in terms of grain density, to be finally rinsed in a dedicated tank.
Fresh and clean in taste with a clearly marked sweetness - this is our BURUNDI Heza. It captivates with the fruity aroma of sweet kiwi and exotic papaya ripening in full sun. Fruit also gives it a pleasant, natural acidity and combined with notes of milk chocolate make it impossible not to finish it in one cup.

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