Warsaw-based speciality coffee roastery since 2001.

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How we source coffee

At JAVA Coffee Roasters, we treat each new bean like a ticket to a trip around the world that we want to take you on!

We source our green coffee from reliable suppliers and through DIRECT TRADE.

The coffee we source is 100% Arabica from countries such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Colombia, New Guinea and Honduras.

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How we roast good coffee

At JAVA Coffee Roasters, we have been using all our experience and knowledge to extract the best possible flavour and aroma from our coffee beans since 1999.

The highest quality Arabicas are roasted in LORING and DIEDRICH roasters under the watchful eye of our Head Roaster - Rafał Kaniewski, Polish Roasting Champion 2018.

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  • Freshly roasted coffee

    Get the beans roasted up to 7 days ahead

  • Quality guarantee

    From bean to cup, trust JAVA Coffee Roasters to take care of your coffee

  • Free delivery

    For oders over 100 zł & all subscription orders. Save with JAVA!

  • Ethics & Environment

    One tree planted in Kenya for every kilo of coffee purchased

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  • A coffee roastery is a place where processes are undertaken to extract the finest aroma and flavor from coffee beans. These activities and operations represent the final stage of production. The finished coffee is then delivered to individual consumers, as well as to retailers, restaurants, and cafes. Due to carefully selected methods, the beans achieve the right acidity and bitterness. Coffee roasted in this way remains fresh and retains all its unique qualities.

  • What makes the JAVA Coffee Roasters coffee roastery stand out?

    Since 2001, JAVA Coffee Roasters has specialised in roasting specially selected Arabica beans using efficient artisan roasters with a highly professional approach to customer service and sustainability principles. Not least the freshness and quality of the beans themselves, which we source from trusted suppliers in various parts of the world. Our coffees are also distinguished by their unique sensory profile.

  • Our Commitment to Excellence in Coffee Roasting

    At our roastery, we specialize in roasting only the finest Arabica beans, ensuring that our coffees are free from any Robusta blends. We approach the entire process with immense dedication, preserving the optimal flavor and aroma of the beans. Roasting coffee is not just our passion; it is a unique blend of art and science.

    We use the latest roasting technologies, combined with the expertise and skill of our roasters, to extract the full flavour and aroma from each bean. We believe that roasting coffee is a science, not an art. We also keep abreast of the latest innovations in the speciality and fine coffee industry and are constantly upgrading our roasting plant to ensure high levels of precision and control.

  • Modern Equipment

    We roast with modern Loring Kestrel S35 and Diedrich CR-25 - specially designed machines, that ensure high precision in each roast and significantly reduce the risk of defects throughout the process. The coffee is also roasted using special Cropster software, which allows full process control. This software also allows all the profiles created to be stored, analysed and compared with the fresh harvest. This allows us to classify the beans accordingly, which also contributes to the quality of each subsequent roast.

  • What Does Our Coffee Roastery Offer?

    JAVA Coffee Roasters offers a wide range of products including espresso coffees, decaffeinated and drip coffee beans. In our shop you will also find sample kits with different selections to try. Our coffees have different sensory profiles, including floral, chocolate, fruity, nutty and sweet notes. We source coffees and microlots from suppliers in the Americas, Asia and Africa, and also offer espresso blends. We also organise numerous training sessions for baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

  • Choosing the Best Coffee

    To ensure the highest quality of coffee, we test dozens of bean varieties from our suppliers each month. For selected samples, we then choose the appropriate roasting profile. Our coffee is made from high-grade raw materials, which undergo numerous analyses. We source our beans from plantations run by renowned farmers, preserving the natural qualities and properties of the beans after processing. A crucial step remains quality control, which allows us to objectively assess, eliminate any defects, and safely deliver the coffee for sale. This ensures that the brew obtained from our beans is always satisfying, aromatic, and delicious.

  • Strong work culture

    At our roastery, we prioritize the motivation of our entire team as well as each individual member. Our employees are not restricted in their actions and have ample opportunities for development, but the priority always remains delivering the highest quality beans.

    We also offer a variety of other products. In our online store, you will find different types of tea, accessories, gift sets, grinders, filters, coffee makers, and plant-based milk alternatives. We collaborate with respected and popular brands, ensuring satisfaction both during the purchase process and consumption. All our raw materials are sourced ethically, and we prioritize eco-friendly packaging.