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Our range includes 'regular' coffees, which are available all the time, and coffees that change about every three months. Our aim is to showcase the diversity of beans from many regions of the world.

Light roasts are perfect for alternative brewing methods such as Chemex, Aeropress, drip and pour-over coffee makers.
Dark roasting is suitable for espresso machines, moka pots, French presses and cezves.

We roast our coffees fresh, so you will receive beans roasted no more than 7 days previously. Find your perfect beans here!

  • JAVA Coffee - A coffee shop and much, much more

    JAVA Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and online coffee shop with nationwide delivery. The range is aimed at both coffee lovers and professional baristas. Our coffee experts have years of experience in selecting the highest quality beans, which are roasted on site in artisan ovens.

    The JAVA Coffee online coffee shop not only provides access to speciality coffees. It also offers accessories for coffee and tea brewing, filters, grinders, cups and plant-based drinks ("plant milk"). Although it is a coffee roastery, you can also order high-quality teas.

    The coffee roastery in Warsaw also offers training sessions where participants learn about the differences between Arabica and Robusta, coffee processing methods, what speciality coffee is, how to read coffee labels, how to keep beans fresh, and more.

  • Which coffee for a moka pot?

    Which is the best coffee for a moka? The choice of beans is huge. Some people opt for blends, which are mixtures of different types of coffee, while others prefer single-origin coffees, which come from a specific region. When a coffee connoisseur chooses a coffee for a moka, they will likely opt for a speciality coffee. These have a unique taste and aroma, largely influenced by the country in which the beans were harvested. Some people prefer coffees with a sweet aftertaste, while others enjoy a nutty aroma. Still others may choose decaffeinated coffee. Choosing the right coffee for a moka is therefore a matter of personal preference.

  • Don't Forget a Grinder

    It's important to remember that to make coffee in a moka pot, a grinder will be necessary. This small gadget allows you to grind coffee beans. If you don't have one, an appropriate solution is to purchase pre-ground coffee for a moka pot. However, it may not be as aromatic as freshly ground beans.

  • Whole Bean Coffee for Espresso Machines

    Choosing the best coffee for an espresso machine depends on the type of device you have. Some people use pressure espresso machines, while others use portafilter or drip espresso machines. When choosing coffee for an espresso machine, it's important to consider these machines and their requirements.

    Individual preferences are also important. Some prefer freshly roasted coffee beans with a fruity aroma, while others opt for pre-ground coffee for convenience as it doesn't need to be ground.

  • Which Coffee for a Pressure Espresso Machine?

    Whole bean coffee is a good choice for pressure espresso machines with a built-in grinder. You don't need to grind the beans yourself, as a small amount is ground just before brewing. This ensures that the coffee is fresh and has an amazing aroma.

    When choosing coffee for a pressure espresso machine, it's important to look at how the beans are roasted. This information should be on the label as it affects the flavour of the coffee. If you choose lightly roasted beans, your drink will be aromatic, with citrus, spicy or nutty notes. These flavours are determined by the variety and country of origin of the beans. If, on the other hand, you prefer a coffee without these aromas and want a strong espresso flavour, it is better to choose beans that have been roasted for longer at high temperatures.

  • Which Coffee for a Portafilter Espresso Machine?

    When looking for good coffee for a portafilter espresso machine, you have two options: buy whole bean coffee from a trusted Warsaw coffee roaster, or choose ground coffee. Grinding the beans beforehand is essential, so a grinder will come in handy. If you decide to grind the beans yourself, remember not to overdo it. Only grind as much as you actually need. You can store the excess in a jar, but it will lose its flavour quickly.

  • Which Coffee for a Drip Coffee Maker?

    Drip coffee makers use ground coffee, which means you can either buy pre-ground coffee or choose freshly roasted whole beans and grind them yourself using a grinder. When browsing an online coffee shop, it's important to look at the roasting method. This is especially important if you use a drip coffee maker. Lightly roasted coffees (drip filter coffee) work well here. Their flavour will be delicate and aromatic.

  • Freshly Roasted Coffee - Where to Buy?

    If you're looking for the best coffee shop, check out JAVA Coffee. This is not just an online shop, but also a coffee roastery in Warsaw, where the beans are roasted in professional ovens. Freshly roasted coffee is a completely different quality, appreciated by both experienced connoisseurs and those who are moving away from industrial coffees in favour of speciality coffees. This is mainly due to a greater awareness of coffee choices and the availability of different varieties from the farthest corners of the world. In a freshly roasted coffee shop, you can buy beans from plantations in Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Peru or the Congo.

  • Coffee Subscription – How Does It Work?

    A coffee subscription is simply coffee delivered to your door. It is often chosen by people who do not want to spend time picking out specific types of coffee in local coffee shops. They prefer to choose a subscription from a trusted roaster that delivers their beans straight to their door each month.

  • JAVA Coffee Subscription

    At JAVA Coffee, subscriptions are available for any duration, with no shipping costs. This is also a great solution for businesses, ensuring a constant supply of your favorite beverage.