How we roast coffee

In its short history, JAVA has never roasted Robusta and never will. JAVA only roasts the higher grades of Arabica ......although a good Robusta can be better than a weak Arabica is just one of the ways how we roast coffee.

Roasting coffee is not an art, it is a science. Today, roasting specialty coffee requires the very latest developments in roaster design and technology. Only by following science and using tools we have can we nurture the unique flavours from each single origin bean. We pay prices of anything up to USD100 for a KG of micro lot so we need to be confident we have the know how and tools to curate the best flavour profiles from the bean. If we get the profiling wrong it is a missed opportunity, the taste is underwhelming and makes life more difficult for the customer to extract the taste experience they expect and get what they paid for. Although JAVA has existed for 22 years, we really are as good as the next roast! That is why JAVA is focused on keeping up to date with the latest roasting know how.

JAVA builds a position in the specialty and fine coffee market for light to medium roast. The difference between a light and a medium roast can be seconds so control and precision is paramount. Particularly precise must be the rise in temperature per 20, 30 or 60 seconds along a roast curve. The level of gas and burner performance will either accelerate or slow down the rate of rise.

In 2013 we installed a LORING S35 and in 2018, a DIEDRICH DR25 roaster. Both had to be flown over from the USA where they are hand built.

Loring S35 Kestrel Convection Drum Roaster with Paddle Stirring

LORING is the choice for roasters located in urban environments because it is smokeless and reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%. The LORING is an all steel construction with in built electronics. It is serviced annually and improvements are made to keep it up to date with latest advances. The precision electronics on the LORING allow us a full control on the roast.

The DIEDRICH DR25 is popular with specialty roasters, the burner system integrates directly with the tools we use to obtain the optimum roast profile. The drum has copper built into it, copper convects heat better than any other material, this allows greater profiling control on the rate of rise.

We have used Cropster since 2016 on both the LORING and the DIEDRICH. Cropster is the industry standard for roast profiling and incorporates AI powered roast curve prediction. Cropster also allows us to log all the profiles we have created to compare/analyse with latest crops from the same farmers and calibrate. By using Cropster we double down on control and can hit the bullseye on every roast.

To bring the best coffees to our customers we sample up to 40 single origin coffees a month. We use IKAWA sample roasters to test roast, cup and select the best flavour profiles from the cupping table. This is a labour intensive task, it is not easy hunting the best green bean and discovering the optimum roast profile to bring out the best in any bean.

Another key part of quality control is testing a sample from every roast and calibrating using various brew methods. If any customer has a problem with a coffee, we need to know the batch it came from and investigate.

If you want to know more, dont hesitate to write to We will be happy to answer any questions you have!