JAVA Coffee Roasters Transparency report

JAVA has always stood for freshness and quality the bean, great customer service, fair treatment of co-workers as well as farmers who go the extra mile to bring to market great coffee, and a sustainable approach to life.

We are seeing an increasing number of roasters opening for business every year. To stay ahead JAVA must also go the extra mile, it is not about roasting the most coffee but roasting the best coffee and to make sure farmers are paid well to keep them in business. Without amazing green beans to roast, JAVA is a dodo. For that reason a key objective of JAVA is paying farmers well. We do not call it Fairtrade, we call it Fairly Traded.

The Fairtrade base price of 1KG of Arabica coffee changed from $3.09 to $3.97in August 2023, prior to it had not changed since 2011. This price of $3.97 is the same price internationally regardless of the big differences in economic and currency dynamics of each region.

In 2019 The Colombia Coffee Federation called for an international base price of $4.12 per KG so producers have a guaranteed income that would prevent farmers from abandoning the sector.

Fact: JAVA pays more to farmers for good coffee. In 2022 the lowest green bean origin price paid by JAVA was at a 70% premium to the ruling Fairtrade Arabica base price. 

The graphic below demonstrates the average % premium JAVA pays for good coffee from origins we source from ABOVE the Fairtrade minimum base price of $3.09 per KG for Arabica washed coffee worldwide. The period measured is January to June 2022.  


We aim to build relationships with the farmers and their communities and to spend more money and more time at the origins we buy from. JAVA is on a journey to achieve this. What we do now is follow our own internal sourcing policy and own code of conduct to find the best farmers.