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Dear customers, due to logistics, we only ship plant based drinks within Poland. For product information in your area, please contact your local distributor.

SPROUD ™ plant-based drinks

In 2018, the Swedish brand SPROUD ™ was the first in Europe to introduce an alternative to milk in the form of a vegetable drink based on yellow peas.
“We need new sources of protein! The ones that make us healthy people and do not harm the environment." - This is the goal that a group of young Malmö entrepreneurs have set for themselves.
Vegan products based on protein obtained from yellow peas are created in SPROUD ™. Why peas first of all? Because it is tasty, the mouth feel is close to milk, it is nutritious, it has more protein comparing to peers and its cultivation leaves a relatively small environmental carbon footprint.
Sproud has the same calcium as semi skimmed milk and 35% fewer calories and 60% less sugar. At JAVA we have discovered it is the one plant milk that tastes closest to actual milk. Of all the plant milks, pea is the most SUSTAINABLE.... it has lowest CO2 and water footprint.

SPROUD™ nie zawiera:
  • laktozy
  • glutenu
  • soi
  • GMO.
 SPROUD™ is a Swedish manufacturer of plant-based drinks made from dry, yellow peas grown in Europe. Thanks to this, it offers "milk without milk", for vegans, but also for people with lactose intolerance or those who want to make better food choices.
SPROUD™ plant-based drinks are a tasty and healthy alternative to cow's milk. Thanks to the fact that the base product is peas, SPROUD™ vegetable drinks stand out from others due to their high content of wholesome protein. In addition, they are enriched with calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin and vitamin B12, the supplementation of which must be taken care of while being on a dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian diet.
In terms of calcium content, SPROUD™ is similar to semi-skimmed milk, has 35% less calories and 60% less sugars. Why peas? First of all, because it is an extraordinary raw material - it is nutritious and its cultivation leaves a relatively small environmental footprint. In addition, it is worth knowing that Swedish brand pea plant drinks are gluten-free, free from common allergens.

What to use pea protein plant drinks for?

Plant-based pea protein drinks are versatile. They can become a component of oatmeal, muesli and cakes. They will perfectly match cocktails and shakes. Due to the delicate taste, plant-based drinks can also be used with coffee, instead of traditional cow's milk.
Plant-based drinks for baristas SPROUD™
The SPROUD™ brand offers a plant-based drink in the "regular" version and for baristas. The version for baristas is distinguished by the fact that the drink foams very well and combines with coffee, with its help you can even prepare a latte macchiato. At the same time, it is intended not only for professionals, but also for coffee gourmets who prepare this brew at home.

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