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Orders are usually delivered within three business days of money being received. During the holiday season, the waiting time for the shipment may be extended, this delay is flagged on our website.

We work with InPost, which offers deliveries by courier and to Paczkomaty24.

If you in our neighbourhood it is possible to collect in person from our office at ul. Palisadowa 20/22 in Warsaw during office hours 9:00-17:00.

Yes, but subject to availability….. JAVA roasts to order to ensure freshness of the bean and maintain standards of quality. It is possible the coffee you want will not be available for purchase at any given time. Therefore, we suggest that you place an order via our website and select the option "pickup in person". The coffees we offer can also be purchased at our Warsaw city centre location : JAVA Pop-Up at BioBazaar at ul. Żelazna 51/53 in Warsaw.

The delivery cost is PLN 12.50. We offer free delivery for purchases over PLN 100.


A coffee subscription solves a problem, you do not have to think about re ordering the coffee you love, you save money (the shipping is FREE) and you can cancel, change your choice, reschedule at any time, no strings attached. You can choose a specific grind or just take in beans. It is the preferred choice for coffee lovers who trust JAVA for quality and consistency and never want to discover they have no coffee at home.

If you choose the CoM subscription, a unique privilege that subscribers enjoy is they take delivery of the micro lot before it is released on the JAVA webshop.

You subscribe and you can cancel anytime, change your choice anytime, change the delivery address anytime…. no strings attached. We think you will love it and will want to become a repeat subscriber for as long as you love drinking coffee.

We came up with this subscription so that we can surprise you with a new and interesting micro lot every month. We call this the Coffee of the Month which we roast both dark and light.
When you choose the CoM subscription, a unique privilege that subscribers enjoy is they take delivery of the micro lot before it is released on the JAVA webshop.
One of JAVA’s value adds is selecting from 30-40 samples every month a coffee that tastes delicious both dark and light roasted and is good value for your pocket. We also select other coffees different in taste and character, influenced by origin and the way the beans are processed, so there is a selection. These other micro lots often come with a different price point (depending on the cost of each micro lot).

If you want to receive a coffee of the month that is already released, make sure to place an order on or before the 7th day of the month at the latest and write about it in the comments when ordering. Otherwise, your subscription will commence with the next CoM at the beginning of the next month.

Plug and play, set it and forget it, and never run out of coffee at home. Delivery is included in the price and that is why we think you will love it. The convenience of it and the savings you will make. You can change your selection, change the quantity, change the delivery address, or cancel or postpone. The subscription can only be shipped to Polish addresses, that is the only catch.

It is possible to change the subscription at any time. Before we ship to you we will send an email 48 hours prior asking you whether you want to cancel, postpone, change your order or add to your order. We make it easy and simple, we make it useful for you.

Orders and Discounts

Please send us a message using the contact form or give us a call.

Tel. +48 22 299 62 42

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No, they don't.

JAVA Coffee expertise

The distinct tastes, notes and aromas coffee evokes, not additional flavor which we put to coffee beans. These flavors make up the sensory profile of a specialty coffee.

We roast coffee daily.

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