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Java accessories

JAVA Coffee branded products

These include t-shirts, vacuum coffee containers for keeping your coffee fresher for longer and tote bags. Occasional boxes with JAVA Coffee products are also available.

 JAVA has unique designed t-shirts shouting out JAVA’s black and white approach to coffee and hailing the Moka Pot as the most often used coffee making device on the planet.

JAVA Coffee is also a functional vacuum container for coffee. They are equipped with two small valves that help to preserve the freshness and unique aroma of coffee. The containers are food safe and BPA free.

In addition, JAVA Coffee has ecological shopping bags for sale, which are made of cotton.

JAVA Coffee offers occasional boxes that can be a great gift idea. They can contain coffee, coffee containers, but also plant-based drinks, teas and other accessories that are in the assortment of the coffee shop and coffee roaster.

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