Collection: Oat drink MINOR FIGURES

Oat drink MINOR FIGURES created by baristas for baristas.... while adding natural sweetness, density, balance, and silky micro-foam when steamed.
The makers of the brand say: "We never wrote a manifesto or declared our mission, but if we did, it would go something like this: Create great coffee products so more people can enjoy better coffee."
Minor Figures have a simple, natural composition, without preservatives. They are based on 100% plant-based products and contain no added sugar. The production of oat drink is environmentally friendly , it uses less water than in the case of cow's milk or other alternative plant drinks.

Minor Figures plant drinks are produced with the idea of ​​creating the perfect coffee, although in practice they have a much wider application. They can be used to prepare cakes, porridge or breakfast pancakes. It is a 100% vegan product that supplements the plant diet with key ingredients contained in cow's milk, such as, for example, calcium. It can be used by people intolerant to lactose or on a dairy-free diet.
Dear customers, due to logistics, we only ship plant based drinks within Poland. For product information in your area, please contact your local distributor.