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Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee is so diverse that everyone can adapt its type to their preferences or circumstances. Unique aromas and methods of preparation make each tasting experience completely different. You can balance between intensity, taste, and freely play with additives. Traditional, small, black, served in a white cup with a glass of water, is one of the most easily recognizable types of drink.

Espresso coffee - what exactly is it?

Espresso coffee is not only the name of the drink, but also the method of preparation in a specially dedicated espresso machine. It is commonly associated with a strong and bitter taste, but in fact the term shows the intensity of this drink. The very word "espresso" in Italian means "what is expressed, formulated, uttered". It is worth knowing that espresso can be prepared in many ways, which allows you to choose from dozens of its types.

Espresso coffee, which you will find in JAVA’s offer

Coffee beans for the perfect espresso are obtained from proven producers from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Cultivation is carried out at high altitudes exceeding even 2000 m above sea level. Our coffee is carefully selected Arabica, most single origin and a few blends. The sensory profiles are balanced and their spectrum is very wide - you can feel fruit, nut, floral, tea, chocolate, caramel or marzipan notes. The beans are roasted to varying degrees and on an ongoing basis, according to recipes created by the 2018 Polish Roaster Champion - Rafał KaniewskiThen they are subjected to natural and ecological processing.

The best espresso coffee

For the preparation of aromatic espresso coffee, beans specially roasted and ground for this purpose are necessary. It is important to avoid lightly roasted ones when choosing them and to adjust the degree of grinding accordingly, because the quality of the drink depends on it. The best coffee for espresso is Arabica, because its taste is milder and the notes are definitely sweeter. The sensory profiles of Arabica vary depending on where it is grown, and thanks to this, you can create blends of selected coffees and combine them in unique flavour compositions. The secret of the espresso aroma is hidden in the location of the cultivation, the coffee variety, the method of processing and roasting the beans, the grind, the temperature of the water and even quality of the water used for brewing - which is worth remembering when tasting.

How to make the perfect espresso coffee?

There is no exact recipe for the perfect espresso, but good beans are one of the important variables in getting flavour in your cup. Usually, espresso is made at a pressure of about 8.5-9.5 bar, at a water temperature of about 88-92 degrees. Importantly, the grain through which the water is passed should be finely ground and thoroughly compacted. This process is called extraction and takes about 25 seconds. For this activity, you need a coffee grinder, a pressure coffee maker or a coffee maker.

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