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Rude health

Not only fans of meat-free and dairy-free diets reach for plant drinks, but also people who broaden their culinary horizons and are looking for new taste inspirations.

The RUDE HEALTHdrinks use only ingredients that can be found in fields, meadows, orchards and not laboratories. Food should be prepared with natural ingredients - not thickeners, preservatives, dyes, flavourings and other additives. For example the almonds are grown organically in Sicily by farmers who have looked after almond groves for years.
RUDE HEALTH are tasty natural ORGANIC ingredients, no added sugar, artificial additives or GMOs!

RUDE HEALTH plant based drinks come in unusual flavours like Tiger Nut, Cashew Nut, Roasted Almond and have won many GREAT TASTE awards.
Dear customers, due to logistics, we only ship plant based drinks within Poland. For product information in your area, please contact your local distributor.

Rude Health plant-based drinks

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