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BACANHA - Niesamowity słodki prezent dla przyjaciół i rodziny, który sprawi im radość!


CASCARA means peel or husk and comes from a new way of recycling coffee rind and pulp, which remains in huge quantities before the process of washing and drying the beans:
  • delicious and unique fruit flavour;
  • its unique nutritional profile;
  • its upcycled nature and, by upcycling; cascara, the amount of methane entering the atmosphere from rotting coffee fruit is reduced - this chimes with JAVA's longer-term sustainability initiatives project : ReJAVA
  • the potential amount available means farmers have an additional source of income and increases their value in the supply chain at origin.
In most countries where CASCARA is produced, it was used to produce a natural fertilizer. It turned out, however, that after using a special method, it is possible to dry the peel, which after brewing gives us an exceptionally fruity, refreshing infusion.
JAVA Coffee Roasters is the official country distributor for CASCARA brand.

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