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6L SPROUD™ Barista |Powered by peas

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SPROUD Barista 6L 
Creamy, with long-lasting microfoam – ideal for coffees.
Sproud Barista is certified low-sugar by Sugarwise, and is a source of high quality protein. It contains no nuts, no gluten, lactose or soy, and is fortified with vitamins D and B12, riboflavin, as well as calcium, to support plant-based lifestyles.
100% VEGAN.
BETTER FOR YOUR COFFEE - Sproud Barista is crafted specifically not to alter the flavour profile of your coffee so you’ll still be able to taste those chocolatey arabicas or bitter robustas. The silky texture steams without splitting to produce a long-lasting microfoam – ideal for latte artists. Or you can pour it straight into your filter coffee, americano, or iced latte.
  • Water
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Protein from pea (2,5%)
  • Agave syrup
  • Acidity regulator (Dipotassium phosphate)
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium phosphates,
  • Gluten free oat oil
  • Salt
  • Vitamins [Riboflavin,Vitamin D, Vitamin B12]
NUTRITION per 100ml:
  • Energy 175kJ/42kcal
  • Fat 3.0g (of which saturates 0.3g)
  • Carbohydrate 1.8g (of which sugars 1.8g)
  • Protein 2.0g
  • Salt 0.1g
  • Vitamin D 1.0μg (20%*)
  • Riboflavin 0.21mg (15%*)
  • Vitamin B12 0.38μg (15%*)
  • Calcium 120mg (15%*)
*% Daily Value

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Anna Ognik

6L SPROUD™ Barista (żółty groch)

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