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JAVA Coffee Roasters - the best speciality coffee beans and ground coffee

JAVA Coffee - coffee shop and more

JAVA Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster with an online coffee shop that offers delivery nationwide. JAVA offers coffee for coffee lovers who enjoy quality fresh roasted single origin coffees, particularly specialty. The team at JAVA Coffee have many years of experience in selecting the best quality beans from hundreds of samples sent directly by farmers and coffee merchants.

The JAVA Coffee online shop also includes an array of coffee accessories and equipment, and the products JAVA distributes in Poland : SPROUD, Minor Figures and Rude Health plant based drinks ('plant milk') and SUKI Tea, Schlurf, Hello Good Ship (chai), BlomBoom chocolate and KINTO Japanese design/made accessories. 

JAVA also offers training classes for beginners up to barista advanced level.

What kind of coffee for a coffee maker?

Coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, the field is wide open. To choose which one is for you ask a barista at your local independent cafe or a coffee lover in your circle. They can adapt to be used on an induction hob, or gas, and there are also electric coffee makers. Preparing a drink in such a device takes only a few minutes. Depending on the size of the coffee maker, it can brew 3 or even 10 cups. These devices are not expensive and allow you to prepare tasty and aromatic coffee.

What is the best coffee for a coffee maker? The selection of grains is huge. Some use the so-called coffee blends, i.e. mixtures of different varieties of coffee, others decide on single origin coffees, those that come from a specific region. If the coffee expert chooses coffee for the coffee maker, he will probably choose those from the Specialty segment. Specialty coffees have a unique taste and aroma, which depends largely on the country in which the beans were harvested. Some people prefer coffee with a sweet aftertaste, others prefer to smell the aroma of nuts in them. Still others will choose decaf, or decaffeinated coffee. Choosing a good coffee for a coffee machine is therefore a matter of taste.

How to grind coffee for a coffee maker?

We advise grinding your coffee when you make coffee, keep it fresh. Pre ground coffee will oxidise more quickly and lose taste.

When you have chosen your coffee, make sure you get the grind right. We advise buying a good grinder, think of it as an investment. A quality grinder will achieve a consistent even grind whereby each particle is a uniform size. This is important to ensure each particle is infused with water at the same rate.

Coffee beans for the espresso machine?

The choice of the best coffee for the espresso machine depends on the type of device. Some use pressure makers, others use flask or overflow makers. When choosing coffee for the espresso machine, it is worth looking at these devices and their requirements. Individual preferences are also important. Some people prefer freshly roasted coffee beans with a fruity aroma, others will choose pre ground coffee for convenience.

What coffee for an espresso machine?

Coffee beans are a good choice for espresso machines with a built-in grinder. You do not have to grind the beans yourself, a small amount of them is ground just before preparing the infusion. A freshly ground coffee will ensure a better tasting cup.

When choosing coffee for an espresso machine, it is worth paying attention to the method of roasting the beans. Such information should be provided on the label. The taste of coffee depends on it. If we choose lightly roasted beans, then our drink will be aromatic, we will feel citrus or spicy, nutty notes in it. This determines the selected species, the country of origin of the grains. However, if we care more about the taste without such aromas, we want to get espresso, then it is better to opt for beans that have been roasted longer, at a high temperature. It is very much trial and error with finding the coffee you love to drink everyday. Good luck!

What coffee for a portafilter?

When looking for good coffee for a coffee machine, we have two options. Buy coffee beans from an established coffee roaster who cares about quality, cares about the farmer, knows how to get the most from the roast and roasts to order.

What coffee for the drip coffee machine?

When browsing the offer of an online coffee shop, it is worth paying attention to the method of roasting i.e. light, medium or dark roast. This is especially important when using transfer machines. Light roasted coffee (drip coffee) will work well here. Their taste will be delicate, aromatic.

Freshly roasted coffee - where to buy?

The JAVA Coffee online store offers high quality/specialty fresh roasted coffee packed to order. JAVA has 3 broad categories : fixed coffees (mostly espresso, always 2-3 light roasted, which stay on offer through out the year), seasonal coffee (always a darker roast changing every Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and Coffees of the Month (both dark and light roasted specialty depending on when the harvests come to market). 

A coffee subscription allows you to plan ahead so you always have coffee at the home or office.  JAVA's subscription coffee is available free of charge.



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