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Goji Berry and Pomegranate fruit tea

Najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach: zł 118.00
Sweet, Super-fruity Tea!
This highly decorative fruit infusion is full of tangy Pomegranate accompanied by juicy Goji berries which creates a wonderfully refreshing, fruity and well balanced blend. Perfect for this time of year! 
INGREDIENTS: Apple pieces, pomegranate kernels, flavouring, goji berries, orange wedges, elderberries, mango pieces (mango, sugar, acidifier: citric acid), pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, acidifier: citric acid), coconut chips, papaya pieces (papaya, sugar), choke.
TO INFUSE: Use fresh boiled water. Infuse one tea measure per pot (or 1 x t-spoon per mug) and leave for 1-5 minutes. Longer infusions result in too strong a taste.
Store in a dry cool place. Once opened, store in a sealed airtight container and consume within 3 months.

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