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Coffee filters

Types of coffee filters

Coffee filters are available in several shapes and sizes. It is important to have the right size for your coffee brewing device. Considering what they are made of, there are metal, fabric and paper filters. Metal filters have the advantage of being reusable. You can use them without fear of damage. Metal coffee filters are not expensive if you consider their sustainability, but you have to clean them after each use. Fabric filters are more precise in purifying the drink. These are also reusable and require washing. Paper filters are disposable and very popular.

Coffee filter - how to choose?

The choice of filters depends on the device in which the drink will be prepared. There are quite a lot of coffee brewing accessories. You don't have to choose only express machines, there are many more possibilities. Coffee filters should be matched to the device, sometimes even to a specific model. Filters for drippers may look different than filters for сhemex. Paper filters, which can be purchased at coffee roasters, are very popular. Most often they are packed in large quantities, usually 100 pieces.

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