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Since its creation in 2013, BACANHA has been committed to manufacturing quality pleasure drinks with an ecological vision that notably reduces the impact of single-use bottled drinks. 

Made up of a passionate and creative team, we have acquired the know-how to offer unique drinks that are developed in Paris and manufactured in the Paris region.

BACANHA's main value is quality, they use selected ingredients such as pure organic cane sugar , fruit concentrates and natural flavors. BACANHA syrups offer real taste signatures, at the heart of each, a unique aroma and flavours, unique to BACANHA creative know how.

The common feature of all the syrups is a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. They are heat treated at low temperatures, thanks to which the ingredients retain their properties.

With the exception of Violet, ALL the BACANHA syrups are certified organic. 

BACANHA syrups bring delicious taste experiences to hot drinks, cold drinks, cocktails and mocktails. Morning, evening, during the day - it's always a good time to sweeten your life with BACANHA syrup.

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