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Congo Umoja Wetu (batch brew)

Congo Umoja Wetu (batch brew)

Kraj: Democratic Republic of Congo

Producent: Umoja Wetu Producer Group

Profil sensoryczny: Cherry | Assam tea | Milk chocolate

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DR Congo Umoja Wetu (omniroast)

Tasting notes: Cherry - Assam tea - Milk chocolate;
Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Minova, South Kivu
Producer:  Umoja Wetu Producer Group
Variaty: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude (m.a.s.l.): 1.400 - 1.600

DK CONGO Umoja Wetu is a medium roast (omni-roast) coffee, so you can prepare it however you like. It is ideal for a quick pour-over (batch brew), but brewing the beans in a coffee machine gives the coffee a new face. Our Umoja is perfectly balanced and mild in flavour. The washed treatment contributes to the purity of its flavour and enhances the fruity (cherry) notes in its profile. The sweetness of the milk chocolate and the pleasant acidity of the Assam tea balance the fruitiness that dominates the coffee.

Farm and processing information:

The history of coffee in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a turbulent one. By the 1980s, the country was exporting more than 120,000 tonnes of excellent coffee a year. Towards the end of the century, the DR Congo found itself in an area of successive conflicts, which, among other things, dramatically affected its coffee exports (which fell to less than 10,000 tonnes/year). In the 21st century, the situation in the country began to improve. Initiatives and associations were formed to rebuild the Congolese economy, including coffee, on the world market.

Coffee farmers in DR Congo are banding together to form cooperatives, which take care of formal matters such as processing and exporting coffee, but also provide ongoing training to improve quality and raise awareness of environmentally friendly practices.

The UMOJA WETU (Our Unity) cooperative brings together smaller producers and works to support local people in South Kivu. It started its activities in 2010 and began producing speciality coffee in 2017, and has been growing steadily in this sector ever since.

The coffee beans ripen in the area of the Lake Kivu that is situated on a plateau. The high altitude provides favourable conditions for growing coffee, mainly Arabica, in this area.

Suggested brewing methods:

Alternative brewing methods V60, Kalita, Chemex, Cold Brew, Aeropress, French Press, Clever Dripper
Espresso Manual and automatic espresso machines, Moka pot, French press, Cezve/ibrik

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kawa o smaku indyjskiej mlecznej herbaty.

Zrównoważona smakowo, cielista kawa z okrągłą kwasowością bardzo dojrzałych wiśni, mleczną słodyczą i herbacianą goryczką. Pierwszy aromat który się wybija na pierwszy plan to aromat mocnej czarnej indyjskiej herbaty z cynamonem i kapką mleka (takiego po indyjsku, zagotowanego), w tle zapach kwiatów kwitnącej wiśni. Kawa dość mocno wypalona jak na standard przelewu więc idealnie wychodzi wg. przepisu V60 40/60 40(93°C)/60(<85)°C, 3min 30s.

Klaudia Lipińska
Bardzo dobra kawa

Jedna z moich ulubionych kaw z Javy. Silnie wyczuwalna wiśnia. Pycha.

Dominika Dudarew-Osiecka

DR Konga Umoja Wetu (omniroast)

Agnieszka Langley

DR Konga Umoja Wetu (omniroast)

Michał Łodziński

DR Konga Umoja Wetu (omniroast)

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