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Coffee Congo Umoja Wetu (batch brew)

The lowest price in the last 30 days: zł 37.50
Country: DR Congo
Location: Minova, South Kivu
Producer: Umoja Wetu Producer Group 
Variety: Bourbon
Process: washed
Altitude (MASL): 1400-1600
The so-called "quick filter" or "filter", i.e. coffee which can be brewed in all kinds of filter coffee machines/brewers, has has grown in popularity. Rarely does it not get a mention on the cafe coffee menu. This season we have chosen for you coffee from Mexico, which is delicious with or without milk/milk alternatives.

The UMOJA WETU cooperative ("Our Unity") is an agricultural producer organization that works to unite and support the local people who live in South Kivu, located between the shores of Lake Kivu and the hills surrounding Minova. They started their operations in 2010, and in 2017 they decided to produce Specialty coffee. In 2018, around 800 small producers produced 640 bags of coffee.

Thanks to COFFEELAC, which is the largest coffee processor and exporter in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it provides valuable services to small producers. Participation in the program means access to finance, training in environmentally friendly agricultural practices, development and quality. Coffeelac's Cafe Durable program encourages farmers to produce high-quality coffee through a transparent buying and pricing model that depends on the quality delivered to the coffee mill.
  • batch brew

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