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Coffee Mexico Nahua for Batch Brew

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Coffee Mexico Nahua


Сountry: Mexico
Location: Puebla, Nahua
Manufacturer: Small producers
Variation: Different varieties
Grain processing: Honey Process
Altitude (m above sea level): 1200 - 1500.

Date of roasting: coffees are roasted on a regular basis.
Grinding: please select the grinding method above, suitable for the brewing method.

The so-called "quick filter" or "filter", i.e. coffee which can be brewed in all kinds of filter coffee machines/brewers, has has grown in popularity. Rarely does it not get a mention on the cafe coffee menu. This season we have chosen for you coffee from Mexico, which is delicious with or without milk/milk alternatives.

La Laja works with small producers. It is located in southern Mexico. He currently manages three mills, which are located in three regions: Puebla, Veracruz and Chiapas. La Laja is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ (sustainability certification program for coffee, cocoa and tea) and 4C (certification that works towards a sustainable coffee supply chain and improving farmers' living standards). The company has also developed socio-economic programmes, e.g. production of seedlings delivered to producers, training, credits and the opportunity to participate in coffee production/processing. La Laja also supports the local community, organizes recreational activities, thanks to which the most needy in the community can develop and receive an education.

Our Nahua coffee comes from three farms - Finca Husmaya managed by Rodolfo Carcamo Galindo, Finca La Puebla managed by Nicolas Martinez Almanza and La Nueva managed by Juan Manuel Chacon. Each of the farms employs about 20 people permanently working on maintaining the crop, fertilizing the soil and renewing the oldest plots. To fertilize the soil, they use fertilizer upcycled from cascara.

SUGGESTED brewing methods:

  • fast transfer (all types of transfer machines such as Moccamaster, Bunn, etc.).

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