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Make sure you never run out of fresh roasted coffee. Our subscription will take you on a journey through many different micro lot single origin specialty coffees which are roasted to perfection, diverse in taste and character.
We do the work selecting the best coffee, they are always micro lot i.e. limited edition and always single origin i.e. we know which plantation they came from.
Every coffee arrives in a 250 gram bag with full description of the farmers' own stories, their processing methods, and our own tasting description.
The coffees are available in two roast profiles: light roasted drip - recommend for alternative methods of brewing and dark roasted espresso - recommended for moka pots/stove tops, espresso machines, and machines generally.
Please select whether you want your coffee in beans or ground for a specific brew method when you order. You can choose from drip, aeropress, espresso/moka and others.
Why not start today with a month ongoing subscription. You can cancel and change anytime!

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Анна Лобач

This is the best Subscription plan I've tried! Best coffee and service.

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