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Mango Tango black tea

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We usually stick to basic names for our teas - honest, 'no messing about' kind of names. This black tea has something so exotic about the taste that we couldn’t help but pull the artistic license card when naming it. Che Guevara once had a boat called Mambo Tanga and when Oscar was watching a film about his life this inspired his naming of this tea. Some might say that putting milk in a tea like this wouldn’t work one bit, but it does. A sweet, luxurious, exotic taste.
INGREDIENTS: Black loose leaf tea, Mango cubes, flavouring, sunflower blossoms.
TO INFUSE: Use freshly drawn boiled water. Infuse one tea measure per pot (or 1 x tspoon per mug) and leave for 1-5 minutes.
Store in a dry cool place. Once opened, store in a sealed airtight container and consume within 3 months.

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