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[OLDSCHOOL] JAVA ceramic dripper

Najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach: zł 48.00
Who among you remembers our previous logo? Admit it!
We've gotten very sentimental lately and we have an an amazing item that will forever have a our special place in your heart. We have been with you for almost 21 years now, we have gone through many changes, but above all above all, it has led us to continuous development - for you!
Coffee is our passion and that will never change.
A few years ago we introduced our branded JAVA DRIPPERS! They were with us for a long time until we changed logo to a new one. They were waiting for a good time to remember them remind ourselves of them!
Why are we doing this? We have been with you for so long that it is a pity to keep such a souvenir only for ourselves. That's why they have become known as the OLDSCHOOL JAVA DRIPPER. This logo has been with us from the very beginning, so it has great value for us tremendous value and is an instant igniter of all, beautiful coffee memories. The gear, which is in the center signifies the continuous work we do for the love of coffee, and the wings-symbolize the the continuous journey in discovering the secrets of coffee from different
corners of the world. That is, nothing has really changed in our company :) The only slight drawback is that the logo is a little crooked. But does it affect the taste of the coffee? Neither a bit - in our opinion it even adds to the charm.
Its capacity is 220-400 ml, and the grooves located inside the filter ensure perfect water flow. Ideally suitable for it will be Melitta filters, that is, the simplest filters, that you can buy in the supermarket!
The diameter is 4cm and the height is 9cm, ceramic.
Hurry, because when they run out, they will never be there again!
LIMITED EDITION - We put a piece of our history in your hands <3!

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