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Iced Coffee Recipes [5 Suggestions] | JAVA Coffee

Iced coffee recipes are perfect for summer, which has settled in nicely! The scorching heat spares no one. But let’s embrace it and recharge our batteries. What can we do when the heat becomes unbearable, and all we think about in a hot city is jumping into a cold river?

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Our Suggestions
Tonic Espresso
Cold Brew
Cascara Tonic

What Iced Coffee Recipes Do We Recommend Trying?

In this short article, we decided to share iced coffee recipes that we found most delightful. Here, you will find several recipes for refreshing summer coffee drinks that, believe us, have a great chance of becoming your favorites on hot days. From the classic Tonic Espresso, pleasantly sweet frappe, to innovative cold brew – there’s something for everyone. We invite you to discover these exceptional flavors and experiment with add-ons – everything is allowed here, and a new ingredient is always a chance to create a unique, signature recipe!

Tonic Espresso

  • A large glass of ice
  • Double espresso (our fruity and super sweet SUMMER ESPRESSO works great here)
  • Tonic
  • Garnish: citrus slice, 3 mint leaves, a sprig of currants

First up (of course) is the total classic – Tonic Espresso, a combination of intense espresso flavor with a refreshing tonic note. To prepare this drink, you need a large glass of ice, double espresso, and tonic. Decorate with a slice of your favorite citrus, mint, and a sprig of currants. The result? Perfect refreshment with a hint of coffee aroma, ideal for hot days.

Classic White Iced Coffee Recipe

A recipe for refreshing iced coffee with milk or your favorite plant-based drink is a perfect choice for hot days. This drink combines the intense taste of espresso with the delicacy of milk or its plant-based alternative.

How to make it? Prepare a glass of ice and pour your favorite plant-based drink or cow's milk over it, add the chosen sweetener, stir well, and pour freshly brewed double espresso on top (coffee from a moka pot also works great!) and it’s ready!

Cold Brew

  • A glass of ice
  • Cold brew (our current favorites - EL SALVADOR España, ETHIOPIA Nensebo)
  • Mint leaves
  • A few citrus slices

Cold brew is often made with light roast or omni roast coffee because they offer a more complex and delicate flavor. If you prefer a more intense coffee, you can make your Cold Brew with espresso roast coffee. Our Summer Espresso or Kenya Zawadi, despite being darker roasts, have a lot to offer!

Start by grinding the coffee beans similarly to how you would for a Chemex (a bit coarser than sugar). If you want to shorten the maceration time, just grind the coffee a bit finer. Use about 7-8 g of coffee per 100 g of water.

Remember, the longer the maceration time, the more intense the flavor and higher the caffeine content. This also increases the chance of excessive bitterness, so don’t overdo it. We recommend macerating Cold Brew for at least 8 hours (max 16, as we all sometimes forget about the coffee in the fridge).

Filter the ready Cold Brew through a paper filter for drip, Chemex, or cheesecloth.

Prepare a glass of ice, pour the prepared Cold Brew over it, garnish with mint and your favorite citrus, and enjoy the refreshing taste.


  • A glass of ice
  • Freshly squeezed juice from pink or white grapefruit/orange
  • Double espresso (we recommend our coffee of the month for July – delicious, fruity, full of flavor KENYA Zawadi, which perfectly complements citrus)

For those who favor juices and fresh fruits in the summer, Freshpresso is the ideal choice. This simple and tasty combination of freshly squeezed grapefruit or orange juice poured over ice and double espresso is decorated with mint leaves for extra refreshment. It cools and energizes. And the taste! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Cascara Tonic

  • 30 ml cascara concentrate - you can find it HERE*
  • 200 ml tonic
  • Ice

Finally, something for fans of not-so-obvious coffee flavors – our hit, Cascara Tonic. Thanks to our ready-made cascara concentrate, making this drink is incredibly easy! You need 30 ml of cascara concentrate, 200 ml of your favorite tonic, and ice. Pour the tonic over the ice and add the cascara. Could it be easier? Probably not. To keep things interesting, add a few pieces of grapefruit, orange, or blackberry.

*In our store, you will also find dried coffee cherries in 200 g packs, so you can prepare your cascara infusion and make the syrup from scratch!

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