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SUKI Tea Test Kit

Najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach: zł 96.00
We present a set of only the best sellers of the SUKI tea brand! If you want to try new flavours or don't know which tea is your favourite, this tasting kit will allow you to choose your favourite. Perfect as a gift for someone close to you. The kit contains 6x20g tea samples from Classic, Black to Fruit Mix.
You can find any of the teas we offer by clicking on them.

1. Spiced Citrus Tea 20g

Our winter bestseller, perfect for frosty evenings. A blend of aromatic spices blended with black tea.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea (44%), citrus peel (6%), apple pieces (23%), coriander, cloves (2%), cardamom, Brazilian pepper (2%), flavouring.

2. Red Berry Tea 20g

A blend of red fruits, perfectly tangy and aromatic.
INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus flower, rose hips, apple pieces (18%), elderberry (9%), blackberry leaves, flavouring, dried frozen whole blackberries (1%), dried frozen strawberry pieces (1%), dried frozen raspberry pieces (1%).

3. Earl Gray Blueflower Tea 20g

Classic black tea with cornflower petals. All in perfect harmony.
INGREDIENTS: Organic East African black tea (97.1%), cornflower petals (1.5%), organic bergamot oil (1.4%).

4. Breakfast tea 20g

INGREDIENTS: Indian Assam Fairtrade tea (40%), Tanzanian Fairtrade tea (60%).

5. Sencha Tea 20g

A perfect choice for the morning, it is rich in antioxidants.
INGREDIENTS: 100% organic green tea.

6. Mango Tango Tea 20g

A black tea infusion with mango pieces.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea, mango pieces (5%), marigold blossoms, flavourings.

Give it a try and enjoy!

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