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JAVA Coffee Roasters - Drip filter coffee

We recommend choosing a brew method according to the coffee you like to drink. Different brew methods will curate different taste experiences. Alternative brewing methods are best used with light roasted coffee beans. They will check e.g. in case of:
  • V60;
  • dripper;
  • Chemex;
  • Areopress;
  • French Press.

Drip coffee - get to know JAVA’s offer

The mysterious drip is nothing more than an overflow method of brewing coffee. In this way, you can get an aromatic, light and clear infusion with perceptible natural and delicate flavour notes. However, it is necessary to choose optimally roasted and optimally ground coffee.

JAVA coffees for pour-over brewing methods consist of the most carefully selected beans from, among others, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Congo and Panama. They are harvested from relatively small farms at altitudes ranging from 1000 to 2000 m above sea level. Each coffee is a unique composition of flavours with a sophisticated sensory profile - from fruit notes, through nutty, citrus, chocolate and floral notes. Light roasted beans are used for alternative brewing methods. It is important to choose the right grind size, which is dedicated to the brewing method. 

Drip coffee - the right grind

The pour-over coffee is made best when using fresh roasted beans. The beans should be ground in a burr grinder just before brewing coffee. An often underestimated step is the grind. Beans which are grind either too fine, or too coarse, or inconsistent in particle size will result in a sub optimally brew in terms of flavour/taste experience. A too finer grind causes the water to filter slowly, which extends the brewing time, over infuses the coffee and causes the appearance of unpleasant bitterness. Too coarse grains let water pass through too quickly, making the coffee weak, devoid of aromas and having a lower caffeine content. What you should aim for is a grind that permits the water to flow in a thin and even trickle.

Drip coffee - how to brew it?

Depending on the preferred coffee intensity, you can experiment with the brewing process. However, when preparing it, there are some iron rules that must be followed. The first one is to keep the proportions and measure approx. 6 g of coffee for every 100 ml of water. The grain should be covered with water at a temperature of about 92 degrees. A filter is necessary to brew coffee, and the actual process should take about 3-4 minutes.

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