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Coffee grinders

Freshly ground beans allow you to extract a fresh, intense aroma from the coffee. To be able to enjoy coffee to the max it is advisable to grind just before brewing so best to buy your own grinder.

Grinders are available in several types. The basic division includes blade and burr mills. The former do not actually grind the grains, but cut them into pieces. This can adversely affect the taste of coffee, add bitterness to it. A burr coffee grinder is more often recommended. The grains in it are rubbed and ground into uniformed sized particles, which translates into a better taste of the drink.

Manual versus electric coffee grinders

Manual grinders obviously have a lower price point and save energy and take up little space. Choose a burr grinder always.

Electric coffee grinders are more comfortable to use. The grains are ground quickly, the process of preparing the drink is shortened. However, such grinders are often heavier, require a power connection, which reduces their mobility.

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