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Japanese Moya Matcha Daily 30g

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Moya Matcha traditional organic green tea 30g 

Moya Matcha Daily has an intense green color and a strong tea aroma with a noticeable bitterness, characteristic of green tea. Perfect for making matcha lattes, smoothies and cocktails. It is obtained from the second and third harvest of fresh leaves of the bushes, which mature under special sun protection. As a result, the leaves gain a higher content of chlorophyll and l-theanine and acquire an intense green color.

TASTE: balanced tea-like with a hint of bitterness 
RECOMMENDED FOR: matcha lattes, lemonade, cocktails, baked goods, sweets, ice cream, chocolate matcha ceremony, with hot, cold water
INGREDIENTS: 100% organic matcha green tea from the second and third harvest.

Matcha Preparation:
Matcha can be prepared hot or cold in a shaker. Just pour a portion of matcha tea inside, close it thoroughly and shake it vigorously several times. You can even do it in a mineral water bottle!

Matcha Latte Preparation: 
Mix one teaspoon of matcha with a small portion of hot water. Add hot vegetable or milk(cow or plant-based beverage alternatives). You can sweeten your matcha latte with a spoon of honey, maple syrup, agave nectar or use one of our organic BACANHA brand syrups for it.
After opening, store in a tightly closed container and consume within 3 months.
Watch how matcha tea is prepared in the traditional way by Moya Matcha brand founder Hitomi Saito:

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