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Cascara Concentrate [Dried Coffee Fruit Concentrate]

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CASCARA [Dried Coffee Fruit Concentrate].
  • Delicious fruity flavour
  • Perfectly complements the taste of coffee
  • Ideal addition to cold drinks (cocktails, mocktails)
  • Great sweetener for tea
  • Low caffeine content
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Full of valuable amino acids and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
Region:Lon Naranajos, Chriqui
Producer:The Lamastus family
Farm:Elida Estate
Variety: 100% Catuai
Altitude:1.700 - 2.500 MASL
It seems to have something in common with coffee; it contains caffeine. On the other hand, it makes a tea-like infusion... so what's the point?
Cascara is the dried (with the skin) pulp of the coffee fruit, so it is coffee - no argument there. However, the coffee we know and love is mainly associated with the peeled and roasted bean. All that has been 'extracted' from the bean is the cascara, which when brewed resembles a tea infusion.
Until recently, cascara was considered a by-product of coffee production, used at most to fertilise the soil. Recently, this has started to change - and for the better! A Cascara infusion is a mass of flavour, a delicate caffeine kick and a mega versatility - it tastes great hot or cold, on its own or as an addition to coffee, tea, shakes, drinks, cocktails and desserts. The list is endless.
To make it easier for you to enjoy the taste of Cascara on a daily basis, we decided to condense it as much as possible and that is how we came up with our new product - CASCARA CONCENTRATE. Simply add a small amount of the finished concentrate to your drink (at a ratio of 1:9) - no brewing, filtering, straining - minimal effort and you're done. We guarantee you will fall in love!

INGREDIENTS: infusion of cascara, sugar, citric acid, natural aromas.

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