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TRAINING Alternatives Advanced

Najniższa cena w ostatnich 30 dniach: zł 800.00
  • Cupping on waters with different mineral compositions
  • Sensory training with Le nez du Cafe aromas.
  • Ratio manipulation and its effect on extraction
  • Working with a refractometer: measuring %TDS and %EXT
  • The effect of turbulence on extraction
  • Different techniques for pouring coffee in a V60 dripper
  • Developing the optimal coffee recipe for a given brewing method
  • Simultaneous-comparison brewing: V60, AltoAir, Kalita, Chemex 
This is an advanced level. We recommend that you take the ALTERNATIVES BASIC training before attending the ADVANCED level. If you already have experience with coffee and want to learn even more-this training is for you!

*The training price is the cost of training for 1 person.

 If you want to receive a voucher and give it to a loved one - mention it in the comments to the order!

ADDITIONALLY you will receive : 

  • diploma of completion of the training (we will send it to you to the address provided)
  • 250g of coffee under the filter
PLACE: Java Coffee Company, 20/22 Palisadowa St., Warsaw.
Michał Żmuda JAVA Coffee Trainer
tel. +48 530 030 605
e-mail: m.zmuda@javacoffee.pl

Michał Żmuda JAVA Trainer
"I have been involved in coffee for 9 years. I like to break conventions and encourage experimentation; inspire and show different options. In training, the most important thing for me is efficiency, which is created by transferring knowledge in an accessible way in the most relaxed atmosphere possible - it is known that we learn most readily through play."

The training is carried out by:

Michał Żmuda, Head Trainer of JAVA University

Tel. +48 530 030 605

Email: m.zmuda@javacoffee.pl

"I have been working with coffee for 9 years. I like to break conventions and encourage experimentation, to inspire and show different options.
When it comes to training, the most important thing for me is effectiveness, which is achieved by imparting knowledge in an accessible way in as relaxed an atmosphere as possible - it is a well-known fact that we like to "learn by playing".

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