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You do not need an espresso machine to prepare aromatic coffee at home or ... in a cafe. You can use one of the alternative methods of brewing coffee, all you need at home is the right equipment. Which one? among others V60, Dripper, AeroPress, Chemex, or a cold brew jug, i.e. for cold maceration of coffee. In addition, you will need filters, grinders, and a scale for weighing coffee beans.
Alternative methods of brewing coffee - what do you need?
If you do not have an espresso machine and prefer using alternative methods of brewing coffee, depending on the effect you want to achieve, you will find what you need from one of these:
AeroPress  is considered the most universal. It is enough to pour coffee, pour water, spin the sieve, and finally squeeze the aromatic brew into the cup. The advantage of AeroPress is its small size and mobility - with its help, preparing coffee on the go will become very easy. We are not alone in thinking AeroPress, when used well, gets the most flavour from the bean.
Chemex serves serves as a coffee brewer and a coffee carafe. Paper filters are used for brewing, thanks to which the coffee is delicate, clean in taste and stimulating. You will get a similar effect by using Melita, Kalita, V60 or other drippers, i.e. types of funnel into which the filter is inserted.
In the case of most alternative coffee brewing methods, you will also need filters, the shape and purpose of which must be matched to the device used.

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